Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s precisely 6:27 PM EDT as I begin these ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’.
– That makes it a true Thursday night edition.
– I ate Dinner at Homestead‘s hot new Olive Garden for the first time ever.
– It’s also my first visit to any Olive Garden in perhaps 10 to 15 years.
– That place has been so jam-packed since its grande opening.
– It’s totally proof that we needed it all along.
– Restaurants that aren’t currently here – Are you paying attention ?
– We’re hungry and we want some good cookin’ in the neighbourhood.
– Bring it on Red Lobster !
– I enjoyed the ‘Tour Of Italy’ for Dinner.
– That’s lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and fettuccine alfredo.
– That’s amore !
Tammy encouraged me to eat the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.
– Great idea !
– I keep getting begged to join that evil empire known as Facebook.
– That’s not gonna happen.
– I don’t have time for it.
– I have no interest in it.
– I have no purpose on it.
– I’m a blogger – not a social butterfly.
– My time on the web in this new Life of mine is for ministering to non-believers.
– I know that I’m reaching them because I’ve heard from them.
– It’s also for sharing this new Life with my new friends.
– It’s not for chatting back-and-forth in real-time about nonsense.
– I don’t wish to meet or reunite with any of my old acquaintances.
– All of my new friends know where to find me.
– If you’re reading this blog entry then you found me.
– That means that this blog is working.
– This is where I shall be indefinitely.
– Check up on me when you can.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

  1. [with a huge grin on her face] Ok, ok I get it already!!!!! You make good points. I will not pester you anymore.

    BTW, I had Olive Garden on Sunday and I must say that it beat any Italian dish I had in Italy. I love that place and my favorite thing is to end with white chocolate raspberry too. Mmmmm…

  2. I ate a couple of meals en Italia when I was there in October 2007, and I was actually disappointed in them. There I was in the country that allegedly produces my favourite type of food in the entire world, and my Italian meals there were surprisingly average.

    I think that for my next Dolci a Olive Garden I may try the Lemon Cream Cake ! YUMMY !

  3. When someone pursues you over linking up on facebook, you could take that as a compliment. People enjoy your company. It isn’t necessary to kick back as if you’ve been insulted. You’re loved and your friendship is valued.

  4. Dear Little Bro,
    But anyway. But anyway. Are you ready for this ? Are you ready for this ? I was having Lunch with that terrible female stand-up comedian the other day, and she exclaimed, “DON’T get me STARTED. Don’t EVEN get me STARTED !” 😆

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