Food God

IHOP: It’s What’s For Breakfast

So this morning I woke up WAY too early – during the latter portion of the 4 AM hour (!) – and then I eventually got out of bed at about 5:45 AM. I tried to go back to sleep – but to no avail. So much for preparing for a cruise ‘awake’ schedule.

I made plans to return to the Homestead IHOP for the first time since the early part of this current decade. I started off there virtually every weekend morning way back then, but then due to various reasons I drifted off to the Naranja Lakes IHOP about 4 miles up the road where I eventually discovered my favourite waitress in the entire world. (Postscript – She now works at the Florida City Cracker Barrel.)

My long-awaited return to the Homestead IHOP will be a memorable one – for all of the wrong reasons. When I arrived there I was the only customer, but that peaceful tranquility quickly ended. My waiter was the same exact waiter as before, and he remembered me after all of these years. He’s not a very good waiter, but he’s not particularly awful either.

Here’s the problem area. A group of about 5 or 6 young people came in and immediately grabbed the adjacent booth to my table. In a nutshell these kids (perhaps age 18 to 22) were loud, rambunctious, rude, disrespectful, profane, sexist, racist, and a few other choice adjectives that simply aren’t coming to my brain right now. These kids were apparently kicked-out of Denny’s down the road before they got a chance to place their order because of the same bad behaviour in public. (It sounds like I need to return to Denny’s more often.) From what I gather these kids had been drinking all night, all day yesterday, and all night on Friday night in one continuous birthday party celebration somewhere within the vast local area. I believe that illegal drugs were also involved.

Needless to say I couldn’t wait to finish up my delicious meal, pay my bill, and get out of hell.

You know I’m the type of guy that essentially avoids confrontation and controversy (I consider it to be a weakness), but if I wasn’t that type of guy I probably would have given each and every one of them a piece of my mind. Some people are really far away from God. But even so nobody in this world is too far away from God, for He is all encompassing and almighty. He can reach anyone no matter how evil and dark they are. God’s Kingdom here on Earth will always be more relevant and more powerful than any other realm. So why would you wish to be on the forever losing team ?  Reach out to God. He’s got His open arms out there for you. It’s not too late. As long as your heart is still beating and you’re still breathing then it is never too late. He is waiting. The light is on.