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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get totally spontaneous here.
– I’ll try not to get too controversial.
– I’ve got some ‘Breaking News’ for you !
– I will soon be an Uncle for the first time ever !
– My sister-in-law is about 8 weeks pregnant !
– My nephew’s due date is on or around the 30TH of April in 2010.
– My brother turns 35-years-old 3 days after that.
– That should be the best birthday present ever !
– I hope to be in Allen Texas for his birth.
– I always remember when it’s the 17TH of the month.
– My cat Boots died 28 months ago today on the 17TH of May in 2007.
– For over a dozen years Boots was my best friend in the entire world.
– Boots was the only living creature at the time that truly loved me.
– Today is Constitution Day / Citizenship Day here in the U.S.A.
– If you are confused then check with the United States Constitution.
– If you are still confused then read the Bible.
– In fact start with the Bible – that way there should be no confusion.
– Apparently I can’t go more than a week without having a Carnival cruise booked.
– I just walked off of the Carnival Imagination last Friday morning.
– Tonight or tomorrow night I’m booking my next Carnival cruise.
– I will embark on it in just 149 days on the 13TH of February in 2010.
– It’ll be an 8-day cruise visiting Cozumel MX, Limon Costa Rica, y Colon Panama.
– I’ve never been to Costa Rica or Panama before.
– I’m sailing out of Port Everglades / Fort Lauderdale – another first.
– I’m already getting excited about it.
– Ela: I have a Doctor’s appointment on Monday morning to take my blood.
– They will analyze it to ensure that the Lipitor is doing its job.
– After that I’m checking in to the Cracker Barrel for a MASSIVE Brunch.
– Don’t forget about the weekly Disco party tomorrow night.
– I’ve got arguably the biggest Disco song in pop music history.
– It’s from three brothers out of the U.K.
– Be sure to grab your all-white leisure suit for the occasion.
– You won’t regret it pal.