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Can you believe that Twitter has only been around for about 42 months now ?  It’s gone from a simple experimental side project to one of the most utilized web sites in the entire world. It’s clearly one of the greatest technological inventions / inceptions of the past 3 years. 


This week I present to you a series of my personal tweets from last week while I was on the Fun Ship Carnival Imagination. They are listed in chronological order:

– On board the Carnival Imagination at 12:18 PM. Now touring my new home for this week. PARADISE !  [12:59 PM Sep 7th from Junkyard Dog]

– It’s hot and steamy in Key West, so it MUST be September. [11:23 AM Sep 8th from Junkyard Dog]

– Relaxing back on the ship now. Next stop – Cozumel. Adios cell phone and Twitter mutants until Fri. Peace – Out !  [12:51 PM Sep 8th from Junkyard Dog]

– Sailing in to the Miami skyline at 7 AM. Still an hour away from the Port. Miami looks beautiful from offshore !  [7:03 AM Sep 11th from Junkyard Dog]

– The sun is rising over Miami. Thank You God for this glorious new day on this journey. [7:09 AM Sep 11th from Junkyard Dog]

– 8:39 AM – Walked off the Carnival Imagination / 9:49 AM – Walked in to my home. Now doing laundry and watching TV. Oh yeah. Back to reality. [10:51 AM Sep 11th from]

No tweets were done on September 09th and 10th. That’s because I was out of the country with no cell phone service (AKA ‘Junkyard Dog’).

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