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The Major’s Tweets


If you’re not following me on Twitter then have no worries, for I’ve got the best of the best tweets from this past week. They are listed in chronological order:

– Americans disrespected, insulted, and hated President Bush and few took a stand. One man yells ‘You Lied !’ and it’s International news. [8:08 PM Sep 15th from]

– If President Bush had referred to Kanye West as a ‘J’ then the Democrats would be calling for impeachment hearings. Double standard. [5:19 PM Sep 16th from]

– President Carter said that Senator Wilson is a racist. If so then there were lots of racists out there when President Bush was in office. [5:26 PM Sep 16th from]

– The season finale of “America’s Got Talent” is tonight, and I’m rooting for Drew Stevyns. He’s a future pop-rock star a la Chris Daughtry. [6:10 PM Sep 16th from]

– 14 days on the Carnival Freedom from Rome to Miami in 2007 wasn’t enough. I just booked 8 more for February 2010. Hola Costa Rica y Panama !  [8:12 PM Sep 17th from]

– If our young adults believed and followed God and lived the words of His Truth then they would not be disrespecting and killing each other. [5:07 PM Sep 18th from]

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