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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

Prior to 37 months ago when I was rescued and saved from the world by God I really thought that I wasn’t good enough to be saved by Him. I thought that only longtime Christians (since birth or childhood) were worthy of being guided and directed by Him. The occasional inspirational messages that I heard on The Call (radio station) at the time advised me otherwise, and they suggested that I check with the ultimate Truth – The Bible – for confirmation. I did so, and I learned more and more about Him than I ever imagined. Everything that I was reading within the Truth was contrary to what the world had told me over the previous 39 years of life.

The journey intentionally started slow and careful with baby steps, as it took me about 5 months to even acknowledge my newfound faith in God in public by attending a church-sponsored event (rock concert) at night and then attending a formal church service for the first time in over 30 years the very next morning. My church turned out to be totally unlike any semblance of what I always thought a church was supposed to be.

So I’m not the lifelong follower of Jesus Christ that a lot of my close friends on this fantastic journey are. I’ve only been following God for about 37 months, and I’ve only been doing so in public for about 32 months. I lived over 39 years on His Great Earth before I even knew who He was.

It’s been a constant learning process over the past 37 months – a growing process – as I strengthen and intensify my personal relationship with God by learning more and more about Him so that I can be more and more like Him. This is certainly not an easy journey, and it’s very easy to be sideswiped and blindsided by the random surprises of the world. I’ve been pushed, pulled, and shoved over to the sides and the edges of the retaining wall of this journey. I’ve learned that bad things actually do happen to followers of God, and some of those bad things are actually done by followers of God. None of us is perfect in any way.

Luckily God keeps extending His arms out, rescuing me, and pulling me back in before I fall back into the culverts of evil and darkness. You know something. I only have one “Hero” on this journey and in this new Life of mine.

It’s in the lyrics: