My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

There’s a big difference between simply believing in God – and following, obeying, and loving God overwhelmingly. It’s easy to claim a belief in God, be done with it, and then go about your daily business. But it’s very difficult (as it should be) to really live out that belief – and really mean it. When you give it all up for God you should do so to impress nobody else but Him. He is your only audience. He is an audience of one. But there are others in this world – relatives, friends, coworkers, acquaintenances, and people you haven’t met yet. If you’re really living out your belief in God – and really meaning it deep within your mind, heart, and soul – then those others in this world should clearly see it in you. Without words – they should be able to see for themselves the overwhelming miracle of God’s work in and around you. If they can’t see it – then perhaps your audience of one – God – can’t see it either.

‘With our hands up high, we’re screamin’ …
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you …
I’m so glad you came for me …

Scream and stomp for Jesus Christ so that He can hear you !  He shall come !

It’s in the lyrics:

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