Saturday Morning Shenanigans

This morning on the ‘Shenanigans’ it’s an amusing story and some funny cat pics.

So yeah last night at precisely 7:49 PM EDT my dear friend / guardian angel Ms. Ela O. called me up on the telephone to frantically alert me not to take the Zicam to treat my cold (that she had just read about here on my blog). I then told her that I had indeed gone to the Zicam to treat my cold – but that it was NOT the nasal gel or the gel swabs that have been taken off of store shelves because they could (possibly / allegedly) cause loss of smell for life. I’m taking the RapidMelts quick dissolve tablets. Those are safe, and they work great !

The fact that Ela O. took time out of her normal routine to call me up and warn me about Zicam treating my minor cold less than 3 days before she checks in to the hospital for major surgery is truly remarkable. But that’s what Ela is all about. She’s one of the most inspirational gems that I have on this journey. She also makes me laugh like no other. I always love to hear us laughing out loud together.

May God Bless Ela always now and forever, as she continues her enduring fight to physically heal her body. With God in control anything is possible. You just have to believe – and she does.

And now – a trio of very sleepy felines:

Sleepy Cat On Dog

Sleepy Cat On Food

Sleepy Cat On Laptop