Saturday Night Retro

Long before The Jonas Brothers, ‘N Sync, The Backstreet Boys, Hanson, New Kids On The Block, Leif Garrett, and David Cassidy there lived another HUGE teen pop idol that all of the young girls swarmed after. I’m talking of course about the incomparable Neil Sedaka.

From the age of 19 until the age of 24 (1958 to 1963) young Neil racked up an amazing 14 TOP 40 hits including the # 1 smash “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” and the TOP 5 smash “Calendar Girl”. But then the American music landscape radically changed in the mid-1960s, and young Neil was no longer the hot thing. (He wasn’t British for one thing.)

Fast forward more than 15 years after his initial debut, and Neil Sedaka started hanging out with Elton John who was at the peak of his long career. Elton helped to pull Neil out of his extended slump, and Neil returned to the top of the pop charts as a middle-aged dude. He took his classic “Laughter In The Rain” straight to # 1 at the start of February of 1975, and just 8 months later in October of 1975 his funky “Bad Blood” (with Elton on back-up vocals) hit # 1.

Here now is that very funky middle-aged version of Neil Sedaka from 1975:

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