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Saturday Night Retro

New for 2010 I’ll be looking back at the first decade of the new millennium every 4 weeks here on the ‘Retro’. The same applies for the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s – every 4 weeks I’ll look back at each of those unique decades.

In 2003 I was heavily into the dance club scene – on the radio – and in the clubs. European trance, techno, and house music was the soundtrack of my life at the time, and all I wanted to do was to follow the beat and go faster with it. The music was all based on ‘BPM’ – beats per minute – and once it got above 150 BPM it was all good !

Here’s a European trance track that was a hot dance club smash from January to May of 2003. It was definitely a cool song to dance to with glowsticks moving about in unison to the fast beat. It’s Noémi with “In My Dreams”: