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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Our longest and most severe cold snap in over 20 years continues.
– The last time we saw anything like this was in December of 1989.
– We’ve now had 6 mornings in a row that started below 50°F.
– And on all 6 of those days we never made it to 65°F.
– But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet !
– You’re not gonna believe your eyes this Saturday.
– I’m calling for a cloudy, dark, gloomy, rainy, windy, and frigid day.
– We won’t even get out of the 40s all day long !
– Wind chills will be near FREEZING all day long ! 
– I’m also calling for a possible mix of freezing rain and ice pellets !
– Actual snow flakes could be swirling in the air as far south as Big Lake ‘O’.
– Orlando could see heavy snow at times (no accumulation on the ground).
– I do have some good news for you if you prefer normal winter weather.
– An extended period of sunny and warm(er) weather returns next Tuesday !
– I’m looking at 7 to 10 days of daytime highs inching closer to 80°F.
– That’s gonna feel mighty fine after all of this ridiculous cold air.
– I’m taking a short road trip up to ‘The First Coast’ of Florida this Sunday.
– I’ll be up there on business – personal Real Estate business.
– It will hopefully turn out to be extremely productive.
– This weekend it’s another ‘Moldie-Oldie Music Weekend’ here on the blog.
– I’ve got one of my favourite songs of the entire 1990s on the ‘Retro’.
– It’s from a rock dude who turns 40 this year, but back then he was a mere 23.
– And tomorrow on the ‘Party’ it’s a smooth beat from Climax Blues Band
– Be sure to stay tuned to this here blog for fresh new content updated daily.
– You won’t regret it dudes.
– Keep on keepin’ on !