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Saturday Night Retro

Where were you in ’94 ?  16 years ago at the start of a fresh new year we all knew as 1994 I was living and partying in the heart of Melbourne Florida from Friday nights to Sunday afternoons – and living and working on the other side of the state in Tampa Florida from Sunday nights to Friday afternoons. It was about a 2½ to 3-hour drive in each direction, but it was my cool life at the time. I did it for about 7 months from August of 1993 through March of 1994. That was after Hurricane Andrew had destroyed Homestead Air Force Base and it was being partially rebuilt.

I had gotten out of the USAF (Active Duty), and rejoined on the Active Reserves side over at MacDill Air Force Base. They were the first to offer me a job back then while I was unemployed and looking for a job over in the Melbourne area. I served over there as an aircraft maintenance statistician – a fun job during a fun time of my fun life. A couple of months later in March of 1994 my Air Force Wing and myself moved back down to Homestead Air Reserve Base – where I remain today as a number cruncher.

Here’s a quirky song that built its momentum ever so slowly – one radio station at a time – over the course of an entire year. From college radio to modern rock radio to mainstream TOP 40 radio it eventually became a U.S. TOP 10 gold pop smash as well as a huge hit all around the world. As far as I’m concerned it’s one of the greatest songs of the entire crazy decade that was the 1990s.

From the first few months of 1994 here’s Beck with “Loser” !