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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

The 1970s just got another decade further away. Now that the first decade of the 21ST Century is complete we can theoretically state that the 1970s was four decades ago. It’s the decade that I entered as a 2½-year-old toddler, and exited as a 12½-year-old 7TH grader in Junior High School. For me it was the ‘TOP 40 Music’ decade, as it was the running soundtrack of my active childhood years. Whatever was hot on AM and FM pop radio was playing everywhere I went. Whenever I hear the music again from those times I frequently remember what I was doing at the time – good or bad – all of these years and decades later. It’s the music of my life.

This weekend on my ‘Disco Party’ I present to you a local homegrown Cuban / Miami disco act known as Foxy. Their single “Get Off” was their biggest hit – and a 1978 Disco Smash !