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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

I.  As other blogs arrive on the scene, gain in popularity, prosper, peak, diminish in relevance, suffer through neglect, and then disappear into thin air one durable and dependable blog just keeps on churning time and time again. That would be this one – thanks to your continued loyalty and support through the years. You can always count on this blog to deliver fresh new content on a daily basis throughout much of the new year. Every Tuesday night you know how we do it with the flagship weekly series of this blog – a garden variety assortment or ‘Grab Bag’ of my personal thoughts since October of 2007.

II.  Our longest cold spell in a couple of decades continues all across America’s Riviera. (Thank You El Niño !) This morning was the 4TH morning in a row where the low temperature bottomed out in the 40s. That won’t happen tomorrow morning – because we’re dropping down to the 30s instead !  There are a few local TV station weather forecasters that are forecasting temperatures in and around Homestead to drop to the freezing mark or even a few degrees below that with wind chills in the 20s !  My forecast is not quite that extreme. I’m looking at an early-morning minimum temperature of 36°F / 2°C between 6 AM and 8 AM. We’ll see what happens, but one thing is certain. It will definitely be bonechilling COLD !  Bundle up my friends and neighbours. Stay warm.

III.  I finally surrendered to the cold air inside my home late last night as temperatures continued to plummet further towards the lower-60s (at least a dozen degrees below normal for my normally air conditioned home). I turned on my ‘fake’ (reverse-A.C.) heater for the first time since last winter. Of course once the lukewarm air hit the dust on the coils it emitted a rather pungent aroma all throughout my home sweet home. It sort of smelled like burnt low-quality microwave popcorn. I proceeded to saturate much of my home with Oust Air Sanitizer spray, and that eventually made the smell of my home a bit more pleasant – like that of hot blueberry pie cooking in the oven. When I awoke this morning I was not shivering. It felt really nice with that lukewarm air floating all around. It felt so nice that I’m cranking it back on again for an encore tonight.

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