Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

It’s what you’re lookin’ for on a Tuesday night in the blogosphere:

1.  So there I was bending down to get a closer look at a rather large reptile when it suddenly lunged forward to bite my face off. Right before the impact I WOKE UP from that dream, and that’s how my Tuesday began at approximately 5:20 AM.

2.  Car runs stop sign. Car pulls right in front of me. Car speeds up so that I don’t have to slam on my brakes. Next car runs stop sign. Next car pulls right in front of car that ran first stop sign. First car gets annoyed. First car passes second car. First car pulls over right in front of second car. Second car slams on brakes. They deserve each other. That’s how we kick it in Homestead !

3.  I know that I’ve said this many times before, but as hectic as today was at work it was perhaps one of my finest days of my entire 25-year USAF career. It just keeps on getting better for me. Thank You Lord Jesus !    

4.  Next Tuesday morning I meet my new Family Practice Doctor that took me nearly a year to select from a long list of such Doctors south of Miami. I scheduled myself for a routine physical as a new patient. Overall I feel healthier and stronger today than I have felt in modern recorded history, but it’s what I don’t feel that could be killing me softly. Hopefully everything inside me is working just fine.

5.  I am so looking forward to the 2009 NFL season. The first exhibition game is just 12 days away, and my Washington Redskins play their first game against their next door neighbours – the Baltimore Ravens – 4 days after that. I’m there !  It’s been a long time since last season. Too long.

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