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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

I used to hang out at a quaint little place called ‘8-Trax’ at the former incarnation of Downtown Disney Pleasure Island (1989-2008) at Walt Disney World near Orlando Florida. Other than there and on various cruise ships there haven’t been too many other opportunities to dance like it’s 1979. Another place that I can recall enjoying the Disco experience is the Illusions Disco aboard the Carnival Imagination. I’ve got some good memories in that jumpin’ joint from Labor Day Weekend in 1999 and Memorial Day Weekend in 2003. I’m lookin’ forward to returning to an old home, for I’ve been resting up so that I can maximize some of my classic dance moves – as well as a few new ones. I’ll be ready to tear up the dance floor and get my groove on. Sho You Right !

Illusions Disco

Let us now flashback 34 years to the hot Summer of 1975. That’s when 35-year-old Van McCoy took “The Hustle” straight to # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was a gold pop, soul, and disco Grammy award winning smash. Many from the time would argue that it’s one of the first great Disco songs of the era. I agree.


By Chris M. Day

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3 replies on “The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party”

Well I don’t own a video camera, and I don’t know how to use one either. I do have a still-shot of me from several years ago tearing up a random dance floor less than a mile from where you currently live (believe it or not), but it’s not the most flattering of pictures – so it stays hidden away. 😯

LOL! Well I guess I will just have to stick to imagining you cutting a rug… that will work for now. Maybe some day I will actually SEE the dance moves. You will never find me on a dance floor… EVER. Didn’t even dance at my wedding! But then again no one did… the reception was held in a gymnasium, lol!

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