Saturday Night Retro

I’ve been on about 15 cruises over the past 18 years – more than half of them on Carnival. All but two of the cruises have been in the Caribbean. (One was in the Pacific and the other was a Mediterranean / Transatlantic excursion.)

Aside from Key West Florida, Mexico, and Belize some of the great Caribbean territories and nations that I’ve visited on these cruises include The Bahamas (many times), The U.S. Virgin Islands, Sint Maarten / Saint-Martin, Jamaica (Ocho Rios), and Grand Cayman Island (twice). There are so many other Island nations that I would love to visit on future cruises; although, it’s come to a point where I don’t particularly pick a cruise based on its specific ports-of-call. I pick a cruise based on brand loyalty and satisfaction (Carnival) and the time and season of the year.

I’ll be embarking on my next big Carnival cruise this Monday afternoon, and the ports-of-call are standard fare for Miami – Key West and Cozumel. I’ve been to Key West more often via cruise ship than I have via U.S. 1. I’ve been to Cozumel more often than any other port-of-call. It’s my favourite of them all too.

I’ve often joked that if ‘this U.S. Government career thing’ doesn’t work out for me (25 years thus far) then I will simply sell everything and live and work on a Carnival cruise ship for the rest of my Life. For now I’m satisfied with an occasional twice per year visit.

Tonight on the ‘Retro’ I’ve got a tropical-flavoured jam for you from Kingston Jamaica. It’s Terror Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland with their multi-Caribbean nation # 1 smash that’s all about that “Action” satisfaction. Hear them sing:

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  1. I’m actually working my way to staying up past Midnight. Since I generally keep a 5 AM to 10 PM ‘awake’ schedule it’s quite the chore to migrate to a later time-shifted schedule. Last night I stayed up WAY past 11 PM, and I didn’t even wake up this morning until practically 9 AM ! 😯

  2. LOL! We should send Blake to your house… he LOVES to get up around 5:30… every morning for three weeks… and sometimes a few times in the middle of the night. PRAYING he sleeps all night tonight.

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