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If you’re not following me on Twitter then have no worries, for I’ve got the best of the best tweets from this past week. They are listed in chronological order:

– Hello Friday. It is SO great to see you. Let’s do stuff. [6:11 AM Sep 25th from Junkyard Dog]

– Jingle Bells: It’s exactly 3 months to Christmas Day !  [10:00 AM Sep 25th from Junkyard Dog]

– I finally replaced my old home office chair from the mid-1990s with a new modern 2009 model. I could sit in this thing all day long !  [2:22 PM Sep 25th from]

– I would love to sit in this new home office chair at Life Pointe Church on Sunday morning, but I don’t think that it would fit in my car !  [7:48 PM Sep 25th from]

– Every 52 days I get a haircut at the legendary Woody’s, and this morning was no exception. Now my hair’s so short I don’t have to comb it !  [9:09 AM Sep 26th from]

– If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for me then you simply can’t go wrong with ‘The Slanket’. I’ll take the Camo. [1:46 PM Sep 26th from]

– Talkin’ Turkey: Thanksgiving Day is exactly 2 months from today !  [3:01 PM Sep 26th from]

I just ate 14 hot wings courtesy of Publix – where shopping is a pleasure – and their hot wings are barely hot – but that’s how I like them. [12:57 PM Sep 27th from]

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By Chris M. Day

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