Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Approaching it’s 2ND anniversary it’s another exciting edition of the ‘Grab Bag’:

1.  I waited an unusually long period of time in my Doctor’s waiting room this past Monday morning. I even watched calmly as at least a dozen patients who arrived after me saw the Doctor before me – including an apparent brand new patient straight off of the streets. All was forgiven though when I finally got to see the Doctor and he promptly delivered the good news to me. After 49 days of taking Lipitor my cholesterol has PLUMMETTED by over 50% !  My overall cholesterol was previously in the mid-220s, but now it’s barely over 100. Are you kidding me ?  Happily I’m not !

2.  Although I no longer eat the non-stop junk food that I previously did for about 25 years I still indulge occasionally. For example I celebrated my unbelievably low cholesterol results yesterday morning by immediately enjoying a MASSIVE Lunch in the same shopping center (as my Doctor’s office) at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. I enjoyed the ‘O’ Brady Burger – their signature specialty. Good Stuff !

3.  This past Sunday I picked-up a package of 20 hot wings from Publix – where shopping is a pleasure. I like their hot wings a lot because they are barely hot (as in spicy). I would describe them as having just a dash of hotness. If they were too hot then I wouldn’t like them. I ended up eating 14 out of the 20 for Lunch at home that day, and then the remaining 6 I ate cold for Dinner the next night. Fried chicken and chicken wings are two of the rare foods that are intended to be eaten hot, but for me they also taste delicious cold straight out of the fridge.

4.  Can you feel the difference outside ?  We actually have unusual (near record-breaking) dewpoints way down in the upper-50s this afternoon here in Homestead. That is bone dry heat, and it’s more typical of late-October and early-November. It’s a sure sign of some cooler air to come. For the next two mornings much of the Florida panhandle will be shivering down into the lower-50s (actual air temperatures). Tampa, Orlando, and Melbourne will be comfy into the middle-60s, and a few select pockets of the Homestead farming areas could skirt with the upper-60s !  It’ll be the coolest air that much of the state has seen in about 5 months.

5.  My brother is off to the American Airlines Center in Downtown Dallas Texas tonight to see Metallica LIVE in concert as they rock the house with their hits from the ’80s, ’90s, and today. Maybe my brother will send me an in-depth review of the concert so that I can post it here on the blog for the entire world to see.

6.  Here’s a special bonus 6TH ‘Grab Bag O’ Thought’ – it’s 3 movies that I plan to see over the next 3 weeks – “Zombieland” this weekend, “Couples Retreat” the following weekend (in Naples), and “The Stepfather” the weekend after that.

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