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The Major’s Tweets


If you’re not following me on Twitter then have no worries, for I’ve got the best of the best tweets from this past week. They are listed in chronological order:

– I am currently watching “Hell’s Kitchen” – perhaps the single TV show in primetime that I look forward to each week more than any other. [8:20 PM Sep 29th from]

– Box Office Fun: I dig screwball comedies and horrifying thrillers. “Zombieland” combines both extremes. I can’t wait to laugh and scream !  [8:52 PM Sep 29th from]

– OK everyone quiet – “Survivor: Samoa” is on now. [7:58 PM Oct 1st from]

– OK the weekend has FINALLY arrived, and I’m kicking it off in GRANDE style – by doing two loads of laundry. Can I get a what-what ?  [4:08 PM Oct 2nd from]

– I can clearly see the house that I lived in from ’72-’75 – front yard and all – on Google. It was new back then. Now it looks 38 years old !  [8:25 PM Oct 2nd from]

– I’ve been jammin’ to ’70s On 7′ on Sirius XM since last night. THIS is a quality ’70s station – with legendary TOP 40 DJ Jay Thomas on now. [9:14 AM Oct 3rd from]

– I am now enjoying Stuffed Spinach Shells & Garlic Rolls courtesy of my good friends over there at The Big Cheese Of Homestead. You know it !  [11:39 AM Oct 3rd from]

– “SNL” got bold last night with their opening skit. It was Fred Armisen as the ‘promise-everything’ / ‘do-nothing’ President Obama. So true. [1:30 PM Oct 4th from]

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