My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

This week on ‘My Fantastic Journey’ it’s the New Orleans area rock band 12 Stones with their Summer of 2007 Christian and Secular rock radio smash “Lie To Me”. It’s from their gold-certified album “Anthem For The Underdog” with songs that were inspired by the devastating effects of and slow recovery from Hurricane Katrina on theirContinue reading “My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics”

Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Approaching it’s 2ND anniversary it’s another exciting edition of the ‘Grab Bag’: 1.  I waited an unusually long period of time in my Doctor’s waiting room this past Monday morning. I even watched calmly as at least a dozen patients who arrived after me saw the Doctor before me – including an apparent brand new patientContinue reading “Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts”