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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

Disco Ball

It’s Friday night, and it’s time to kick-off the weekend here on the totally groovy blog. I can’t think of any other way but to kick it old school like we used to do all of those years ago back in the day. So put on your favourite plaid leisure suit, grab your 8-track tapes, don’t forget the fondue, and I’ll meet you at the roller disco.

But anyway – are ya ready for this ?  Let us flashback here to a much simpler time of my life – and maybe yours too. It’s the hot Summer of 1974 in Bowie Maryland (near Washington D.C.), and I’m just an innocent 7-year-old kid hangin’ out with my lovable miniature sheep dog in the backyard of my Peach Walker Drive house. I’m listening to WWDC AM-1260 on my transistor radio, and this smash is playing as afternoon deejay Lou Katz rollz the hitz.

Here’s South Floridian George McCrae with a televised 1975 performance of his Summer of 1974 # 1 Disco smash !