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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Let’s be unpredictable and outrageous.
– It’s October all across the land, and the holiday season is upon us !
– First up – Columbus Day – the Monday after next.
– I’m planning a two-day weekend getaway that weekend over in Naples.
– I’ve got visitor centers, museums, and other tourist traps to check out.
– I’ve also got a rock concert to attend over there.
– I’ll be rockin’ out to Manic Drive just like I did on the 20TH of January of 2007.
– I’ll be tuning in to The Call‘s fresh new 107.7 FM frequency over there.
– I’ll be attending a church service over there on that Sunday morning.
– Halloween is at the end of this month, and I suppose that’s a holiday too.
– The next morning we flip back an hour to Standard Time.
– I’m looking forward to that.
– I’d rather have the daylight at 7 AM rather than 7 PM.
– Veterans Day is on a Wednesday this year on the 11TH of November.
– I take that Federal Holiday very personal.
– It’s a total shame that more Americans don’t take it seriously.
– Only 50 more days until I proceed with my 2,800+ mile road trip.
– It’ll be the longest road trip of my entire Life.
– I’m driving halfway across the free nation and then back again.
– On December 01ST I begin my 23RD year here in Homestead.
– I’ll be here for awhile.
– This afternoon at work I heard an old song in the background on the radio.
– It nearly brought tears to me.
– I got goosebumps and the chills.
– I had to stop everything that I was doing until it was over.
– I don’t think that I’ve heard that song in over 37 years !
– It may produce the same effects on you.
– That’s because I’m sharing the experience on the ‘Saturday Night Retro’.
– You’re not gonna wanna miss that.
– Tomorrow night on the Disco party it’s another moldie-oldie.
– It’s the only hit song from the smooth as silk George McCrae.
– He’s gonna “Rock Your Baby” like nobody else can.
– Well those are my ‘Mini Thoughts’ for now.
– If I think of any others then I’ll just tweet them.
– Until next time my friends – REMEMBER THIS !

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