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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  “Chris – Your gray facial hair has put you in a rocking chair. Your beard is weird.” Someone actually inquired about my gray beard today at work. First of all – I don’t have a beard. I shaved last Saturday afternoon as part of my twice-per-week ritual, so I have a mere three days worth of facial growth. Second of all – I can confirm that my three days worth of facial growth is actually more gray than not. Sometimes I get mistaken for a guy in his mid-20s. Sometimes I look my age.

2.  I ‘tweased’ about this on Twitter last night. I’ve been working on my winter season weather forecast for America’s Riviera over the past couple of months or so. Here’s what I think. I’m looking for a consistently cooler and wetter November through April. I don’t think that we will see as many sudden frost and freeze events as we did last winter, but I do think that our milder cold snaps will last for extended periods of time. We could actually experience a month-long period of continuous below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.

3.  It was another wacky day at work today – perhaps a tad bit less wacky than it was yesterday (Monday). Sometimes what happens in the last 5 or 10 or 15 minutes of the work day – whether it be positive or negative – determines how I feel overall of the day in hindsight. Today ended on an unexpected high note during the last 15 minutes. That turned an otherwise blah day into a wacky but happy day.

4.  I’m going on a 400+ mile / 37-hour road trip during this upcoming holiday weekend. At least that’s what I’ve got planned out. Anything can happen – and it probably will. I’ll be hangin’ out for much of that time over in the Naples area. I can actually see myself living over there in the future whether it be part-time or full-time. I once lived in Melbourne and commuted to my job way over in Tampa for about 7 months after Hurricane Andrew. I basically lived and played on the east coast during the weekends and lived and worked on the west coast during the week. I can actually see a reverse scenario for me sometime in the future where I live in two homes on two coasts of Florida.

5.  It’s Election Day all across the City Of Homestead, but I didn’t vote in this one (absentee or otherwise). The truth be told I’ve lost interest in city politics. More than a decade ago I actually considered a run at City Council. Nowadays I don’t even watch the meetings on television or online. Maybe some day I’ll come back around and show an interest in it again, but not right now. I have a fantastic journey that I need to concentrate on more than any other entity.

That’s the ‘Grab Bag’ for this week. I thank you so very much for your continued interest in my Life, and I surely hope that you stick around to see what happens next.