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Monday Night Countdown

This week it’s the TOP 5 greatest Microsoft Windows operating systems of all-time:

1.  Windows 98 – It was the greatest Windows ever made, as it fixed everything that was wrong with Windows 95. I was utilizing at least one remaining Windows 98 system at work all the way up until the Summer of 2007. That operating system was tough !

2.  Windows XP – Ask me again in another year (or less) and I may declare this to be even greater than Windows 98. Over 8 years after its initial worldwide debut at retail this is still by a MASSIVE margin the most utilized operating system – Microsoft or otherwise – in the entire universe. Its current market share ranges somewhere between 60% and 70%. Most of the systems that I manage at work are dependable Windows XP systems.

3.  Windows Vista – I bought my current Windows Vista system at home during the Summer of 2008, and I’m very happy with it. I like Windows Vista a lot. We only have a few systems at my workplace that use it though. Eventually those will get upgraded from XP to Vista through attrition. From what I understand the brand new Windows 7 is to Windows Vista as Windows 98 was to Windows 95. It fixes what was wrong with its predecessor, and it adds a bunch of cool new features.

4.  Windows 3.1 – I had never heard of Windows before this version that was on my very first modern desktop computer system that I bought about 17 years ago in 1992. That was a cool little 486SX (that cost a small bundle). My original dial-up bulletin board system and subsequent web sites that were the ancestors of this here blog were born on that very first system – courtesy of Windows 3.1.

5.  Windows 2000 – This was technically the debut of Windows 5.0, and Windows XP was technically Windows 5.1. My experience with Windows 2000 systems at work was rather limited as we stuck with Windows 98 for an extended period of time and then went straight to Windows XP. Windows 2000 had its issues, but it certainly was nowhere near the debacle that was Windows ME !