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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

My dear friend Ela O. always looks forward to Friday nights here on the big blue bell-bottom blog. It’s her chance to reminisce about the good old days – back when she and her young husband totally ruled the disco scene some 3o to 35 years ago.

Before we reach this week’s selection – how about a word from our sponsour:

That’s ’20 Top Hits’ by 20 fake artists !  Order before Midnight tonight !

Good stuff there – but check this out. Back during the long and hot Summer of 1974 a little group that you may have heard of – The Commodores – made their U.S. pop chart debut with a BANG !  It was actually an all instrumental jam that totally kicked-it on the funky disco ’round. Check out a young 25-year-old Lionel Richie – afro and all. Also pay attention to the clavinet work. It sounds like a rapid fire “Machine Gun” !