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Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

– I am like so totally stuffed right now.
– I just returned home from the LongHorn SteakHouse.
– I enjoyed the mother of all MASSIVE meals big and small.
– It was fun indulging with Patricia, Venus, Leo, and Martine.
– I think that I surpassed the 5,000 calorie mark with that one meal.
– But before all of that good food we dove in to the Good News LPC-style.
Pastor Travis led us through Week 5 of our current study of the Book of Joel.
– It’s all about the “Devastation And Redemption”.
– My opinion – I think that this has been one of the most powerful series in awhile.
– I’ll remember this message series several months into the future.
– God saves us to use us to help save others.
– We serve God by expanding His Kingdom.
– Look up towards Christ, for you can’t lose when you’ve got Him in charge.
– May the God of all creation be inside each and every one of us.
– The Lord will return, and on that day we will be judged.
– Does the Holy Spirit truly live within our hearts and our souls ?
– He that wins souls is the wise One.
– God created us to raze hell.
– God created us to be His hands and His feet on His creation.
– Let’s roll !