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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Today – just like every Thursday – was another hectic day at work for me.
– I was facilitating briefings in our conference room for a good three hours.
– The way we do it it’s like “Survivor” and “The Apprentice” combined.
– I loved every single second of it.
– Today is the birthday of one of my earliest friends as a little kid.
– I think that she would have been 36-years-old today.
– I knew her as a 2-year-old.
– I lost track of her over 30 years ago.
– It’s weird how I remember dates like that.
– Numbers are my favourite toys.
– The heavy vehicular traffic has returned to Homestead.
– So have the bad drivers.
– Actually they never left – they just multiplied themselves.
– This morning and this afternoon I encountered lots of slow drivers.
– That’s very unusual since 8 out of every 10 motorists drive faster than me.
– I only check my old-fashioned USPS mail about twice per week.
– I’ve been doing that for awhile now.
– It seems to work out just right.
– I don’t get nearly as much junk mail as I once did.
– There’s a strategy involved in receiving less junk mail.
– I should write a book on it.
– Actually there’s plenty of tips online on how to weed out your mailbox.
– I also receive very few telemarketing telephone calls nowadays.
– Once again – strategy – and common sense.
– I only answer the telephone from people and numbers that I actually know.
– I essentially ignore the telephone after 8 PM at night – even if I know the person.
– I generally make zero outgoing calls.
– That’s on my old-fashioned standard telephone line.
– I only use my cell phone for text messages and now Twitter tweets.
– Some people spend many hours every day talking on the telephone.
– I may spend 15 minutes per week tops talking on the telephone.
– If I lost my cell phone tomorrow I wouldn’t look for it.
– I probably wouldn’t even replace it.
– I can live without a cell phone.
– You can probably tell that I despise telephones in general.
– I’ve had many traumatic experiences via the telephone.
– I’ve been hated-on via the telephone.
– I’ve been abused via the telephone.
– Well these are my ‘Mini Thoughts’ for this Thursday night.
– These are as spur-of-the-moment spontaneous as it can possibly get for me.
– Friday and Saturday are music nights here on the big green blog.
– I’ve got another Disco smash for you on Friday night.
– On Saturday night it’s one of the most unique ‘Retros’ I’ve ever done.
– Be sure to catch the memorable music fun this weekend.
– You won’t regret it pal.
– Until next time my friends – may the good news be yours.