Food Philosophy

The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

Has it really been a whole 3 weeks since I last enjoyed Chinese Food ? I need to make sure that I get my weekly intake of it, for it’s good for me and my elevated cholesterol diet. (I think.)


– ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings.’

My Analytical Assessment – Fly like an eagle. Let your Spirit set you free.


Trouble In The Tropics

BACK by popular demand – because at least a half a dozen friends and family requested it – it’s ‘Trouble In The Tropics’. But first here’s the legal disclaimer:

I am NOT certified by the American Meteorological Society. I do NOT work for the National Weather Service OR the National Hurricane Center OR the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration. I do NOT work for any television or radio station. I am merely an amateur weather forecaster with about 30 years of technical experience in the hobby. That’s all it is – a hobby. Utilize my weather forecasts in any way that you see fit. I tout about an 80% accuracy rate. Use common sense. Do what you feel is right.

OK – Now that I’ve got THAT out of the way – here we go:

ANA – I forecasted its first degeneration. It happened. I forecasted its second degeneration. It happened. Now I’m forecasting its total dissipation. It’s starting. Expect the remnants of Tropical Depression Ana to give us numerous showers and thunderstorms starting on Tuesday afternoon and continuing for about 24 hours until Wednesday afternoon. Some portions of the local Homestead area could receive 3 to 5 inches of rain. Highest wind gusts – 25 MPH at times. No worries.

BILL – Not a player for us. I’m forecasting it to intensify into a MAJOR Category 4 Hurricane and curve well out in the open Atlantic – possibly affecting Bermuda on Saturday. This was NEVER a player for us.

CLAUDETTE – Before she was Claudette she was all of that rain that we received during the day on Saturday (2-3 inches).