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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

Disco Ball

WELCOME to another wild and crazy edition of the ‘Disco Party’ on this (soon-to-be) Friday night. I actually won’t be home tonight, so this is going out to the world just a little bit early today.

This week we’re gonna get down and get funky with a classic jam that you simply can’t sit down to and watch as a spectator. You’ve gotta get up and activate yourself. Get yourself up and dance like a maniac. Go forth. It’s all good. I guarantee that once you do so it’s gonna be real tough to get this hook out of your mind for hours to come. It is that addictive.

I give you the Detroit Spinners – still going strong after nearly 50 years in the biz. Here’s their 1976-1977 # 2 gold Disco smash that’s all about the infamous  “Rubberband Man”. Here’s how they stretched it out on NBC-TV‘s legendary “Midnight Special” on the 17TH of September in 1976: