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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

The Tuesday night saga continues with the flagship weekly series of this here blog:

1.  TODAY I took a day off from work. I actually took 8.0 out of my accumulated 1,386.5 hours of sick leave. That’s just a little over one-half of one percent of all of my sick leave. I was not actually sick today, but sick leave may be utilized for any type of medical appointments, and I did just that today.

2.  This morning at precisely 9 AM I reported to my new personally hand-selected Family Practice M.D. Here’s a brief summary. My weight is virtually perfect for my height and age. My blood pressure is extremely normal. My heart functions as determined by the EKG is about as average as can possibly be. Oh yeah – they also took a lot of blood from me. They will check it all out to see how it all looks. I have a follow-up appointment for the ‘results show’ next Monday morning.

3.  Later in the morning I ventured over to Firestone for routine preventive maintenance on my car which incidentally hit 59,500 miles today. That’s 59,500 miles over the past 2,231 days for an overall average of 26.67 miles per day – slightly below the national driving average of 33.33 miles per day. Firestone did the oil and filter change, the tire rotation, and the alignment in about two hours while I waited. I’m always satisfied with their work.

4.  While I waited for my car at Firestone I walked on over to Mamma Mia where I enjoyed a GINORMOUS Lunch consisting of salad with blue cheese dressing, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic rolls, and soda. The food was great, the service was great, and they also have an unusually clean and modern bathroom for a mom-n-pop Italian ristorante !

5.  The last stop on my errand-filled Tuesday was at the legendary Woody’s Barber Shop for a haircut. My last haircut was 7 weeks and 3 days ago, so I imagine that my next haircut will be sometime during the final week of September. That sounds about right. I think I average about 6 to 7 haircuts per year.

6.  Most of the southeast coastal region of Florida has received two to three feet (24 to 36 inches) of rain over the past three months. It was a bit on the hot and dry side during much of the month of July, but I am forecasting a return to the cooler and wetter weather that we experienced during much of May and June for the latter portion of August into September and October. El Niño is in full effect here in America’s Riviera.

Thank You for your attention my friends, and Thank You for your continued support of the fine art of blogging. Good Day !