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The Major’s Tweets

I finally found a purpose for my 5-year-old-plus Samsung cell phone (commonly known as ‘Junkyard Dog’). I can actually tweet with it, and I have done just that on a few of my tweets. Most of the time I simply type in my 140-character-or-less tweet via the Twitter web site, but sometimes I’m not near a computer – so I use my antique cell phone instead.

Going back to last Tuesday morning here are my TOP 5 most amusing (and interesting) tweets of the entire week – in case you missed any of them:

5.  Remembering my Grandmom (1915-2004) – – Some of the greatest memories of my early childhood. [Aug 29th from web]

4.  At this precise time next Monday afternoon I’ll be sailing away with @carnivalcruise waving adios a Miami. I heard that one !  [Aug 31st from web]

3.  3 out of 4 Americans agree – Tomorrow is NOT Labor Day. That would be a week from tomorrow. [Aug 30th from web]

2.  Pretty soon I will own a 2ND home – a 2-story townhouse in Clay County FL. That’s right – I’m one step closer to being Donald Trump. [Aug 26th from web]

1.  I believe that Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Homestead has the tastiest wings in town. Prove me wrong if you dare. [Aug 26th from web]

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