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Saturday Night Retro

I’ve got a lot of great memories when it comes to my Grandmom. While much of my early childhood was forgettable and not so happy virtually all of my time with my Grandmom is memorable to this day and very happy.

When I think of music from the 1970s (not particularly Disco – but all other forms of music) I think of listening to it on my Grandmom’s record player and FM stereo system in her living room. That system got a lot of usage out of me and my cousin John John. We played our favourite TOP 40 songs at the time, and my Grandmom played her occasional Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Lou Rawls records. Me and my cousin knew what to do if Grandmom wasn’t feeling too good. Throw on the Engelbert and be done with it.

My Grandmom also had this nice little music box that sat on her bedroom bureau. Lift it up, and it played soothing music. She loved it, and it was one of her favourite show-and-tell items whenever her grandchildren came over for a visit.

Back in 1979 during the absolute pinnacle of the Disco music era a Canadian guy by the name of Frank Mills who was a pianist, composer, producer, and arranger released an all-instrumental song that shocked the entire nation, stormed onto the hit music charts, became a TOP 3 smash at pop radio, and went gold at retail. It was so huge that over 30 years later he is still known as ‘Mr. Music Box Dancer’.

There have been many different remakes of the original “Music Box Dancer” from 1979, but this is probably my favourite of them all. It’s a 2007 techno version of the classic that remakes it but maintains its original integrity. It’s also got a cool modern music video to boot. Check it out – “Music Box Dancer” – 2007 style !

I dedicate this edition of the ‘Saturday Night Retro’ to my Grandmom:

EDITH AGNES DAY: 1915-2004