The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

For the 14 of you who wish to know all about my Carnival Imagination cruise be sure to hit up the big green blog tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I’ll have it all for you ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ style. You won’t regret it pal !

OK it’s been over 100 hours since our last blogging session together, so let’s get back on schedule here:

Disco Ball

I’m a big fan of Elton John‘s music through the decades. I’ve got favourites of his from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Fast songs. Slow songs. Rockers. Ballads. Some of the greatest songs of my entire lifetime came from Sir Elton.

During the Disco era of the late-1970s Elton kinda sorta took a breather from the action. After all his style of music was not exactly dance floor ready – or was it ? 

He actually gave it one shot at the very end of the era during the late Summer of 1979 (although it was actually recorded two Summers earlier). That one shot turned out to be one of the last remaining Top 10 Disco hits during its dying days. For a Disco song from Elton John this one was surprisingly a bit on the mellow side.

Here’s one of my favourite Elton John songs of all-time. Here’s “Mama Can’t Buy You Love” – a Top 10 Disco Smash !

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