Saturday Night Retro

During the week I listen to The Call at home and in my car, and I listen to one of my iPod Shuffles at work that constains about 60% Christian music and 40% Secular music. On weekends I mostly listen to ‘90s On 9‘ on XM (Satellite Radio).

The 1990s was the greatest decade of music as far as I’m concerned. It was the soundtrack of my crazy life at the time (age 22 to 32). Thanks to God my Life today is far more superiour and worthwhile than it ever used to be; however, I shall never forget where I came from and what I used to be. It is an integral part of the constantly growing root and trunk system that comprises of my Life.

Personally the 1990s wasn’t particularly joyful or even professionally successful for me, but it did have its high points. Orlando was the place to party with my little brother during the late-1990s. It was our central meeting point when he lived up in Jacksonville. The Summer of 1993 was perhaps my personal Woodstock up in the Melbourne / Cocoa Beach area. Luckily it didn’t last very long, and I eventually went back to workin’ for a livin’.  And then there’s the Summer of 1990. Dateline: Panama City Beach. It was the Summer of White Sands and Hard Rock. It was my extended Spring Break – long before it eventually became the college vacation destination that it is today. Although I would never do today some of the things that I did back then I will also never forget the times that once existed. It’s hard to forget when the music of the time plays on and on again.

Here’s one of those hard rockers that pulsated through the airwaves, into the bars, onto the dance floors, and through my ears back during that most memorable Summer of 1990. It was quite the “Epic” Summer as told by Faith No More:

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