Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Here are my thoughts and takeaways in 15 words or less:

– Last Sunday morning I was not physically at Life Pointe Church in Homestead.
– I was being the church at sea – about 600 miles due west of here.
– It was great to be back with everyone this morning.
– We had a pretty good turnout this morning despite it being a holiday weekend.
– Stanchions are my toys.
– Someone remarked that my presence was known because of them.
– They were nice and neat in place, so she knew that I was in the house.
– I presided over Communion this morning – 34 years to the date after my first.
Pastor Travis talked to us about ‘The Challenge Of Generosity’.
– ‘He who dies with the most toys – just dies.’
– The highest level of living is generous living.
– Jesus says, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’
– I choose to be generous with my time.
– The Good News says, ‘Nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.’
– I choose to be generous with my talent.
– God made us what we are.
– He made us to do good on this Earth.
– I choose to be generous with my testimony.
– I choose to share my fantastic journey with the entire world.
– I choose to tell the story of how I was rescued and saved from the darkness.
– I choose to love and adore God for giving me a second chance at Life.
– I choose to never allow the euphoria of His light to ever dim.