Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

What’s happenin’ my blogging friends ? !

– I am now in Allen Texas.
– It’s a northeastern suburb of Dallas.
– It’s where my brother and his wife and their dog call home.
– It’s in the mid-80s outside right now.
– This is North Texas in February, so that will soon change.
– Tomorrow it will only be in the mid-50s here.
– On Saturday when I board a plane for Florida wind chills will be near freezing.
– I’m looking forward to returning home after this long road trip.
– Allow me to briefly explain this road trip.
– I left Homestead Florida shortly before 4:30 AM on Tuesday morning.
– I drove about 375 miles up to Clay County (near Orange Park).
– I then picked up my parents, and we drove about 345 miles westward.
– That’s about 720 miles of driving for me in one day !
– We stopped for the night in Milton Florida (just east of Pensacola).
– We ate Dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda.
– We got back on the road again on Wednesday morning.
– We made it another 415 miles – straight into the heart of Louisiana.
– We stayed at a hotel in Alexandria – near their airport.
– Their airport used to be England Air Force Base for 50 years until 1992.
– We completed the long road trip into Allen Texas today.
– In all I’ve driven about 1,450 miles since Tuesday morning.
– Only the first 375 miles was done in my car.
– My car is still sitting in Florida in my parents’ former driveway.
– That’s right – former driveway.
– They are now residents of Texas.
– I moved them and their cat in their car.
– They lived in and around Jacksonville for over a dozen years.
– I fly back to Jacksonville International Airport on Saturday.
– I then take a taxi back to my car some 35 miles away.
– I then drive 375 miles back home to Homestead.
– I’ll be back at home late this Saturday night.
– Don’t worry I’ve still got your ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’ tomorrow.
– I’ll also do a ‘Saturday Night Retro’ once I get back home.
– Most importantly I’ll see a lot of you at Life Pointe Church on Sunday.
– I have no trips planned for March, April, and May.
– That’s the way that it needs to be.
– I’ll be all tripped out come this Saturday night.
– It’s been a really crazy February for me.
– Perhaps the craziest of them all.
– I want March to be mundane.
– I can’t wait for it to start on Sunday.
– I can’t wait to go back to work again on Monday.