Homestead Cold Weather Alert

Thursday Night / Friday Morning – NO alert. Temperatures and wind chills are expected to remain slightly above the 50°F threshold.

Friday Night / Saturday Morning – Expect temperatures to bottom out in the upper-40s for at least 4 hours leading up to Sunrise. Wind chills could drop to as low as the lower-40s during this same time period.

Warm weather returns during the afternoon on Saturday.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s not confuse these with my ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’.
– These are my ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’ – in 15 words or less.
– If Twitter collided with my blog then this would be the result of it.
– The 100,000TH view of this blog should occur within the next 24 hours.
– We’re averaging over 850 views per day / over 35 views per hour.
– The busiest day ?  Tuesday !  Grab that thought !
Publix is my playground amusement park.
– I’m a regular at 2 of them in Homestead less than 3 miles apart.
– I totally dig their pre-packaged Turkey & Swiss sandwiches.
– I had one for Lunch today.
– They look ordinary, but they are MASSIVE in flavour !
– They fill me up nicely.
– I weighed in at 175 pounds after I returned home from my vacation / cruise.
– I’ve only lost about 3 pounds since then.
– I need to get back into the mid-to-upper-160s.
– I begin a 159-hour vacation from work next Monday afternoon.
– I’ll be driving over 1,800 miles next week – but less than 800 in my own car.
– This blog will go on another hiatus next week – but only for 2 days.
– In a few hours I’m issuing a ‘Homestead Cold Weather Alert’.
– I have some more data to analyze before I do so.
– It won’t be as cold as originally thought.
– Nevertheless it will feel cold after today’s temperatures in the low-80s.
– We may see some significant rain next week.
– We need it. That frost last month totally burned and killed the grass.
– We’re just a few months away from the start of the new hurricane season.
– We’ll be introduced to Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fred, and Grace.
– Don’t remind me.