My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show

The mighty mighty Pittsburgh Steelers DEFENSE gave up over 400 yards of Arizona Cardinals offense including 3 Kurt Warner touchdowns at Super Bowl XLIII this past Sunday night, but they still managed to keep the Cardinals from scoring a 4TH game-winning touchdown – and that’s all that mattered in a 27-23 nailbiter in one of the most exciting Super Bowl games in modern history.

The game was edge-of-my-seat riveting, the multi-million-dollar commercials were wonderful, and another NFL season has come to a close (save the NFC-AFC Pro Bowl this Sunday afternoon in Honolulu).

After 256 regular season games and 11 post season games I finished the season out with a record of 169-97-1. That’s a respectable game-picking percentage of .635. I’ve done better in previous seasons, but I also had more competitition this season against the likes of my good blogging brothers Alex and Phil. I made a few picks that I wouldn’t have normally made had I competed against nobody this season. It won me the league championship title in Fantasy Football, but it lowered my multi-year seasonal average.

Nevertheless I had a lot of fun with it all, and I’m looking forward to starting it back up again in just about 7 months from now.

Until then enjoy your Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf !