Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

It’s my mini thoughts in 15 words or less:

– My 283-hour vacation from work began at 11 AM this morning.
– I return to work on the Tuesday morning after Presidents’ Day.
– Officially at the base it dropped down to 37°F this morning.
– Pockets of America’s Riviera reached deep down into the upper-20s.
– It was the coldest morning in over 6 years for much of the region.
– I’ll be basking in temperatures in the lower-80s in just a few days.
– I’ll be on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico doing just that.
– This is the 445TH day in a row that I posted a blog entry on here.
– There will be no 446TH day in a row.
– Wanna read a cool blog every day ?  Check out Phil‘s blog.
– He takes after me and blogs every day.
– He’s my favourite blogger in the entire world.
Ritz comes in a close second. Check out his blog too.
– Both of them will admirably fill the void left behind by me.
– I’ll be back on here to turn the lights on again next Friday The 13TH.
– I’ll kick it off with a fresh new ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’.
– Until then take care my friends.
– I’ll miss all of you – and this blog.
– Peace. I’m out.