Saturday Night Retro

I’ve got over a dozen pictures of varying sizes on display atop the entertainment center in my living room. I frequently look at them. They are pictures of me, my brother, my mom, my dad, and my cats over the years. My brother appears the most number of times within these pictures – a total of 12. By comparison I’m only featured 7 times !

The oldest picture of them all features me, my mom, and my dad. It was probably our first professional family portrait, and I believe that it was done in 1972 – perhaps 1973 – when I was 5 or 6. The photo studio imprinted on the back of it was located in Lanham Maryland not too far away from the Catholic Church that we attended back then. It looks like I’m wearing my Sunday finest !

Here now is the earliest picture of me that you’ll ever see (unless an even earlier picture of me is discovered – very possible). As usual I removed my mom and my dad from the picture to protect the innocent:

Me At 5
Me At 5 ... Or 6

Incidentally that teddy bear that I’m holding was not even mine. It was supplied to me by the photographer so that I would look even cuter in the photo-op.

According to a photo album that my mom has of me it is well documented that my favourite television show at the time (1972-1973) was “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home” – an animated family sitcom much like “The Flintstones” of the 1960s. Check out its memorable theme song, and if you’re over 40-years-old and remember all of the lyrics to it then sing along with me: