Friday Night Blogroll Review

I’m back in town, and the blog lights have been turned back ON !

Here’s what I missed this past week:

Travis revealed that Life Pointe Church has its own frat house for interns.

Kelly has really appreciated this unusually frigid Winter season.

P.J. took his nieces K.J. and M.J. to the M.M.Z. (Miami MetroZoo).

Diego: Drummer.

It’s 2:30 AM on a Tuesday morning and Billy’s got insomnia.

Mark mentioned me in his ‘Sunday Thoughts’.

Ritz has no more braces and straight teeth. SHYEAHZZZ !

The Tooth Fairy has been busy at Luci’s home.

Nathan shares his own short ‘Bedtime Story’.

Thank You my fellow bloggers for keepin’ it goin’ while I was away from it all.