Saturday Night Retro

I have returned back home again safe and sound. I officially walked in to my home at 9:06 PM EST on this Saturday night. I haven’t seen daylight here in America’s Riviera since before the sun went down on Monday the 23RD of February.

February was a crazy month for me. During this past month I was transported in 5 states – Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas – and one foreign country – Mexico – via my own car, my parents’ car, my brother’s car, my brother’s wife’s minivan, a friend’s minivan, several taxicabs (two en Cozumel Mexico y one in Jacksonville Florida), a ferry (across the Mississippi River in New Orleans), a Carnival cruise ship (down the Mississippi River and across the Gulf Of Mexico), a couple of shuttle buses (en Progreso Mexico), a tour bus (in New Orleans), and 3 American Airlines jets.

It is now time to settle down and chill for a few months, so hopefully I can do just that starting tomorrow to kickoff the month of March.

In the meantime I present to you for your ‘Retro’ review this appropriate transportation-themed track. It’s the International pop smash “Joyride” from Roxette from 1991. It’s one of my all-time favourite songs ever, and it’s a family favourite for my Mom and my Brother. C’Mon Join The Joyride !

Blatant Promotion

It’s just after 4:30 AM CST / 5:30 AM EST, and I’m wide awake on this Saturday morning. I can’t wait to get back in my own bed tonight for the first time since 5 nights ago (Monday). During the month of February I have slept in my own bed with my own blanket and my own pillow a grand total of 16 out of 27 nights. Tonight will be the 17TH night. Even more revealing is the fact that I’ve only been at work for 8.5 work days (out of a possible 19).

It all returns back to a normal routine starting tomorrow – appropriately the First of March. I’m looking forward to it. February has been way too hectic for me.

Today’s trek back home to Homestead involves my brother’s car to the airport (DFW), an American Airlines MD-80 jet from Dallas to Jacksonville, a random taxicab at the airport, and then finally my own car from Florida’s First Coast down to America’s Riviera.

Depending on how everything goes and how I feel tonight after this long trek back home again I’ll post a fresh new ‘Saturday Night Retro’ tonight. If I don’t do so then I must have gone to sleep immediately upon arrival of my own bed with my own blanket and my own pillow – or I never made it home.

Please pray for my safe return back home again.