Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

It’s my takeaways from this morning – ‘Mini Thoughts’ style in 15 words or less:

– Anne J.’s car always smells of fresh bagels early on a Sunday morning.
– Her car is the official Life Pointe Church-Mobile.
– The Starbucks Coffee was extra scrumptious. Thank You Lesia !
– Don’t mess with David C. or (especially) Bibi while they are folding tee-shirts.
– Mark moved the Youth table to a more prominent location.
– Mark does not wish for his table to be neat and tidy.


– Travis kicked-off our 9-week / 63-day ‘New Testament Challenge’.
– Our goal is to read all 27 books of the New Testament.
– That’s about 130 verses per day.
– We can do it if we just devote about 20 minutes per day to it.
– This is Day 1 of the Challenge.
– Tonight I’ll be reading Matthew 1-2 and Acts 1-3.
– We should never compare ourselves to others.
– We should always compare ourselves to Jesus Christ.
– We will never be as awesome as Him.
– The Bible Says – ‘Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.’
– We should always call upon God to grow us.
– We should ask Him to take us where we need to be on His journey for us.

I will not be at Life Pointe Church next Sunday morning; however, the New Testament Challenge will go forth with me on my vacation destinations. I’ll catch up with everyone again in 2 weeks on Sunday February 15TH 2009.

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