Monday Night Countdown

For over 23 years now (since the end of 1985) I’ve been compiling my favourite hit songs of the week. At this hobby’s peak I was compiling two TOP 40 music charts every week. At one point it even became a TOP 50 music chart. For nearly a dozen years (1995 to 2007) these weekly hit music charts appeared on the web at MASSIVESMASH.COM (my former popular web site). Nowadays I simply compile a TOP 15 music chart every week (offline). The TOP 5 out of the TOP 15 is posted here on the blog at this location.

Here are my TOP 5 current favourite songs:

5.  The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside – FM Static

4.  Control – Clemency (former # 1)

3.  Back To The Five – Ruth (former # 1)

2.  The Difference – Philmont (former # 1)

1.  Set The Dial – Run Kid Run

I’m a big fan of Run Kid Run out of SE Illinois / NW Kentucky. I like their style. Every single song that they’ve released to the radio since I’ve been on this journey with them has been a great song – “I’ll Forever Sing”, “Sing To Me”, “Captives Come Home”, “Sure Shot”, and “Set The Dial”. This is a band that I would love to see LIVE in concert. I’m a fan. Oh yeah – this is the most important part of it all:  They love and follow Jesus Christ. That makes them rebels. I dig that.