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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Let’s kick it:

1.  Can you believe it ?  The ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ quietly turned 18-months-old last week. Who would have thought back in October of 2007 that this would become a weekly Tuesday night tradition here on this blog ?  I mean – besides me.

2.  So yeah at like 11:10 AM this morning I was just a few minutes away from getting up from my desk at work and getting into my car to grab a bite to eat for Lunch – but then the telephone rang. Instead of ignoring it I decided to answer it. That telephone call led to another nearly two-hour long distance telephone call with the Air Force equivalent of ‘computer technical support’ to fix a problem on a local computer system that’s within my area of responsibility. Long story (sort of) short I ended up leaving work at 2 PM – 90 minutes early – going to Lunch – and then taking Lunch home with me. Lunch was delayed by some 3.5 hours today, but better late than never !

3.  As part of my 2009 Economic Stimulus Tour of Miami-Dade County tourist attractions I plan to visit Everglades National Park this upcoming Saturday. I haven’t been inside the park in such a long time (maybe 10 to 15 years). I plan to drive all the way to Flamingo and back and walk many of the half-mile trails along the way. (I need the exercise.) I’ll blog about it after the fact on a very special edition of ‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’.

4.  Another late-season cold front from the north made its passage through America’s Riviera this morning, and for a brief moment there it looked like funnel clouds were trying to develop northeast of the air base. Now we’re on the refreshing side of the cold front, and we could actually drop down into the upper-50s early tomorrow morning. Look for quite comfortable temperatures (daytime and nighttime) to continue for perhaps the next 7 days.

5.  Former President George W. Bush and Former Vice President Dick Cheney have been out-of-office, retired, and private citizens just like you and me for over 3 months now – yet you would think that they are still in office by the way that all of the late night television talk show hosts keep disrespecting them. That tells me that they are extremely (left-wing) biased – and afraid to rag on our current President and Vice President for fear that their Hollywood superstar guests would boycott them and call them racists for even attempting to make fun of the President. As it stands right now President Obama can do no wrong with the media by his side.