Saturday Night Retro

In 1979 I was an 11-year-old that became a 12-year-old in June. I graduated from Magnolia Elementary School in Lanham Maryland (right in my own neighbourhood):

Magnolia Elementary School, Lanham Maryland
Magnolia Elementary School, Lanham Maryland

That was my school for Kindergarten from 1972 to 1973, and then again for 3RD, 4TH, 5TH, and 6TH grades from 1975 to 1979. The street that I lived on (Red Wing Lane) was located directly in front of the school by a couple hundred yards, but that was not the proper way to walk to and from school because you had to climb the fence and walk in other people’s yards to do so. The proper way to walk to and from school was up / down the hill and over to the left-side main entrance.

Incidentally the more things change the more things stay the same. That school looks exactly the way it used to look 30 to 35 years ago – right up to the facade of the building, the spray paint residue on the left-hand side, the breezeway out front, and the lightposts. A lot has changed since the mid-1970s. The outside of that school is not one of those changes.

If you walk through the front entrance, take an immediate right at the first hallway, and take that hallway down all the way to the very end you should come across a big painted map of the U.S.A. directly on the surface of the wall (if it’s still there). My class painted that as a special project way back then. I specifically painted Hawaii. It was a masterpiece !

It’s amazing the things that I remember from back in the day.

And now for your ultimate ‘Saturday Night Retro’ review I present to you this # 1 gold pop smash that everyone was singing and dancing to in their living rooms and in their cars just before 1979 morphed into 1980. This my friends is English musician Robin Scott – better known at the time as simply ‘M’. Here’s the official music video for “Pop Muzik” – one of the first videos ever made for television – more than two years before MTV even went on-the-air. This video was sleek, stylish, solid, and state-of-the-art for its time. Check it out:

Until next Saturday night my friends – keep on makin’ history !

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

‘The Major’s Walk-A-Thon’ has once again been pre-empted this weekend due to non-ideal weather conditions (70°F, 100% relative humidity, scattered fog). Time is practically running out on this season’s walks around my neighbourhood, but maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in one more walk on a Saturday morning before it gets too unbearably warm, humid, and wet outside.

In lieu of the walk I did the following this morning:

1.  Cracker Barrel – I ate breakfast. The Shenanigans there included me being served by a different waitress even though my longtime breakfast waitress of the past many years was there working her shift. She came over and talked to me and told me a riddle. It was good to see her.

2.  Busy Bee Car Wash – I’ve taken 4 cars there over the course of the past 20 years (since 1989), and I’ve always gotten a clean car out of the deal. They do a very thorough job inside and outside. I truly recommend them. The’re in Perrine at theoretical SW 182ND Street at U.S. 1 (southbound).

3.  Target – I go there about once every 3 or 4 months, and I usually go on an extended shopping spree while I’m there. This morning was no different, and it was a mixed assortment of food, toiletries, and clothes. I like to go there when they first open up in the morning and there’s less people in my way. It started getting crowded towards the latter part of my shopping spree.

I ended up driving about 35 miles during my eating, car washing, and shopping excursion this morning. During much of the 35 miles I was either being tailgated, or I was stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle in front of me. I couldn’t wait to get off of the streets and back into my home sweet home this morning.

Those are my ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigans’ for this weekend. Be sure to check out 1979 on the ‘Saturday Night Retro’ tonight, and get ready to dance to some pop music of the times.

Until then – I leave you with one final Shenanigan, so REMEMBER THIS !