Monday Night Countdown

This week on the hit series ‘Monday Night Countdown’ I present to you my own personal answers to 5 random questions that are frequently addressed on various Myspaces, Facebooks, and blogs all over the interwebs. Enjoy.

1.  Do you like to use post-it notes ?
YES – I love them. They are mandatory accessories on my desk at home and on my desk at work. I even use them in my car. They are one of the greatest human inventions during the course of my lifetime.

2.  Do you always smile for pictures ?
YES – And I’m one of the few people that I know that actually likes to get his picture taken. You guys and gals can document my Life via pictures. I’ll put it all in writing via this blog.

3.  What is your biggest pet peeve ?
Bad drivers. They surround me. They annoy me more than anything else.

4.  Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing ?
All the time !

5.  Were you ever a Boy Scout ?
YES – 1975 to 1980. Good Times !