Friday Night Blogroll Review

WELCOME to the momentous 70TH edition of this Friday night tradition !

You know how we do this:

– Travis featured a 4-pack of ‘Easter Prayer Focus’ posts this past week from Mark S., Kelly J., Kelly D., and Jesse S..

Have you seen Kelly’s camera ?

– See where P.J. is.

– Sometimes it just takes a simple picture to win the coveted Major Bloggie Award:  See Jesse and Diego.

Alex enjoys eating exotic foods.

Mark wants to go on vacation.

Ritz loves his Family Force 5 music.

Kelly D. wants more pizza.

Tammy posted pictures of Patricia, Venus, Herself, and Myself stuffing Easter baskets. I ate too much candy.

Luci wraps up her awesome Sunday at Life Pointe Church.

Kevin – Not a fan of President Obama.

THANK YOU for blogging with me. Let’s keep on keepin’ on !