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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– If it’s Thursday night then it must be time for some mini thoughts o’ mine.
– It’s the 14TH edition of these ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’.
– It’s the sleeper smash hit series of the season for this blog !
– Last night I spent nearly 3 hours with some good friends at the White Lion Cafe.
– They officially close ‘when the fat lady sings’.
– She sang last night, and we shut the joint down just before 10 PM.
– As promised I ate ENORMOUS quantities of food.
– I stopped eating at around 9:30 PM.
– That was over 19 hours ago, and I haven’t eaten a morsel ever since then.
– I may grab a snack after I post these Mini Thoughts.
– I’m not really hungry though.
– I also ate an ENORMOUS Lunch at Sonny’s BBQ 8 hours prior to Dinner.
– I may have consumed nearly 10,000 calories yesterday.
– Some of my friends didn’t like their food at the White Lion Cafe.
– Greg eats just like me – EVERYTHING on his plate !
– It just takes him a little longer to do so.
– My food was absolutely scrumptious from start to finish.
– Of course this is coming from a dude who cooks absolutely nothing at home.
– I only eat real food in restaurants and in other peoples’ homes.
– I was in meetings pretty much all day today at work.
– They were very productive.
– Over the past 21 months I’ve enjoyed a purpose-driven career.
– It just took over 22 years to get to that point in my career.
– Next year I celebrate my 25TH anniversary working with the USAF.
– The first 22 years were pretty much forgettable.
– At least I wish to forget most of that time.
– My little brother turns 34-years-old this Sunday.
– I remember when he was born.
– I also remember all of the fun times that we shared together as kids.
– My brother is my favourite person in the entire world.
– I’ll see him LIVE and in person next Thursday night.
– That’s because I’ll be visiting North Texas next weekend.
– We’ll be celebrating his birthday on the first night.
– And his 2ND anniversary with his wife on the second night.
– And my birthday on the third night.
– And Mother’s Day on the fourth night.
– That means that there will be more MASSIVE meals in my future !
– I am so looking forward to that !